Pentest Proving Grounds

One of the most helpful tools in learning the fundamentals of penetration testing is the ability to test your analysis against deliberately-vulnerable applications - sites and/ »

Simple Automated Scanning With Arachni

Intro Note: This guide assumes you have access to a UNIX terminal like the ones found in Apple and Linux systems. Scanners have a tricky reputation. »

The Top 5 Burp Suite Extensions

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Building @BugHuntBot, an XSS Payload Twitterbot Inspired by Peter Kim

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Discovering XSS Vulnerabilities with Burp Intruder

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A Gentle Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Freelance security research is a daunting subject for the uninitiated: Five-figure bounties, corporate lawsuits, and the ever-present threat of prison time, combine to make it just »